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Delivery is perfect. Every single time.

The price is unbeatable. Start to finish: $267. (Sliding scale for volume.)

Trainees get more one-on-one experience with an American instructor than is ever possible in a classroom situation.

Content is infinitely expandable to meet your changing needs.

A blended approach accommodates companies invested in Instructor Led Training (ILT).

Training curriculum and measurement is consistent.

Recurring training is "free" and available 24/7.

Training can take place before work begins or after hours.

Companies are not "held hostage" by trainers.

Pre-hire screening assures that training resources are directed to the right type of employee before incurring the expenses of hiring and training.


International Call Center/BPO Training
AAT web based trainings have been conducted in principal call center countries to date including: India, Pakistan, Philippines, Panama (Projected this year: Singapore, Hong Kong, Guam, Kuala Lumpur)
Insource vs. Outsource Call Center Training -- AAT client examples

In source Outsource
Dell Convergys
HSBC Touchstone

AAT Call Center In-Country Training
Ann Cook is the recognized authority in American Accent and Culture Training and has conducted instructor-led training (ILT) in India for Convergys, eFunds, TransWorks and GE, and in the Philippines for Dell. AAT partnered with eLogic Learning in 2003 to deliver the American Accent and Culture Training via a Web based, online environment supporting 24/7 training at significant cost savings and more effective results.

Expected Trainee Progress from Online AAT Training
On a five point scale, trainees improve their accents a minimum of one point subsequent to completion of the AAT web based training course. High performers will improve two points over the 20 hours of the course.

Acclaimed Program, Innovative Methodology = Faster, Better Cheaper
The Web delivered training and materials are founded on the identical principals of the acclaimed American Accent Training program, widely used throughout the Call Center industry for instructor-led training. There are simply delivered faster (20 hours vs 120 hours), better - American Accent and Cultural Training results with online training far exceed the results produced by instructor-led training and cheaper, all with great measurable metrics. Online trainees are more focused and productive, and transition better to the virtual world of a call center.



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