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ESL Links

Dave Sperling's ESL Cafe This is the starting point for ESL on the web.

About.com's ESL section, fabulous as usual, and there is also a terrific pronunciation page..

TESOL/EFL Links of interest to student and teachers of ESL, maintained by the Internet TESL Journal, for teachers of English as a Second Language

ESLHouse is a wonderful all-around site for students and teachers

Languages-on-the-Web: Excellent ESL links

Purdue's ESL Resources for Students

ESL Students and Teachers Resources

Aardvark's ESL Resources

Ask a Linguist

The Human Languages Page


The Linguist List

Reference Links

American Dialects

Dictionary of Acronyms and Abbreviations

Strunk & White, The Elements of Style

Newsgroups, Mailing Lists & Forums

More ESL Links

Northwest Arkansas Community College, ESL Sites


Cara's Blog: Pronunciation Links





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