Listen to Yourself!
From the very beginning, when you take the automated voice recognition test, you will be able to monitor your progress as you change your accent!

AAT testing is by the company that administers the TSE. AAT is the only program that has shown measurable progress in the categories of fluency and pronunciation.

TSE Test Date .......... Start AAT Online August 19, 2006 ........... July 1
October 14, 2006 ......... September 1
November 18, 2006 ..... October 1
January 13, 2007 ......... December 1
March 9, 2007 .............. January 25

Your Teacher: Anytime Anywhere
  • Testing
  • Written feedback
  • Full tracking & reports
  • Educational & entertaining
  • Digital recorder on every page
  • Only $250
    AAT Online will revolutionize your accent. All you need is a computer (PC or Mac) and a headset w/mic for listening and recording.

    Linguistic Experts at Your Fingertips
    With Live Chat, you are able to get guidance and direction. You work at your own pace, record and compare your practice exercises, and take tests, both written and audio.

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    Before / After Recordings
    Click to hear the progress the average person makes. First you hear the cold recording. Next you hear him after less than one hour of instruction.


    Alvin initially had his own exuberant idea about an American accent, but had a fantastic aptitude to modify his speech. It's hard to believe it's even the same person, but this is a typical result.

    There's no better way to change your accent!

    Last Updated October 12, 2006