Instructor Training
American Accent Training offers a teacher training course — specifically designed to sharpen your accent and pronunciation teaching skills. Both experienced and novice teachers are welcome, as well as people contemplating a career change.

Course includes: 
  • Teacher training manual
  • Trainee reports
  • Diagnostic analysis (taped and practiced with foreign students)
  • Individual nationality guides
  • Telephone conferences with a Master Trainer
The cost of a comprehensive AAT instructor training is only $500, including materials. Please request consideration of your application:

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Instructor's Manual
The comprehensive teacher training manual includes an hour-by-hour curriculum with the necessary techniques, auxiliary materials and pacing. Follow-up training is provided via email reports and teleconferencing.

The American Accent Teacher Training course lasts 5 weeks, including class time and reports.

Training Reports
The training reports establish a baseline, and topic specific reports guide you to a thorough understanding of the materials, including the diagnostic analysis.
AAT Certification
Instructor trainees in Ann Cook’s course become certified AAT instructors upon recommendation of the Academic Director. Your subsequent student certificates are then awarded directly from AAT, under your signature.

Note This is not for call centers.

Technical Support
For the period of one month, technical support will be provided in the methodology, training techniques, testing, report writing, and other needs as they arise.

(800) 457-4255

Last Updated January 25, 2008